Alexander Paar


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Recommender Systems

Recommendations for... You!

Efficient and effective recommender systems for industrial use cases.


Programming the Semantic Web

The Zhi# programming language is an extension of C# with compiler and runtime support for XML Schema Definition (XSD) data types and the Web Ontology Language (OWL).


Use-Case Responsibility Driven Analysis and Design

URDAD is a services-oriented analysis and design methodology to develop semi-formal requirements and technology-neutral design models.


Computers in the Human Interaction Loop

CHIL was an integrated European research project with 15 project partners in Europe and in the US aiming to bring friendlier and more helpful computing services to society.


SIMD Predication

A novel branch predication scheme for the MorphoSys Reconfigurable Cell Array.


The Bluetooth Remote Control System

The Universal Bluetooth Remote Control System (BTRC) was a contribution to the 2001 IEEE Computer Society International Design Competition.