Software development, engineering or medicine – the fourth industrial revolution requires new methods of assistance in a wide range of industries. In many areas, the industrial working world is characterized by the highest demands on process efficiency and process security. Fundamental influencing factors such as demographic change, offshoring and additional applications in Industry 4.0 or with Big Data demand new forms of support for knowledge workers.

Already today, productively used information systems integrate intelligence and learning skills based on modern database technology. The information base available for automated decision-making is growing steadily and enables continuous improvements in the precision and yield of the predictions.

Recommender systems in the area of software development have been further developed from syntactic autocompletion to intelligent referral services based on natural language requirements specifications and software repository mining.

In the field of engineering, adaptive classification systems enable the encapsulation of many years of engineering experience and thus effectively counteract knowledge loss through employee fluctuation, enable the development of new user groups for offshoring and preserve value-adding activities in high-wage countries. The integration of automatic assessment systems is proven to increase process security and avoids expensive defects in late development phases.

In the field of medicine, physicians and patients benefit from the evaluation of extensive treatment data for algorithmically well-founded therapeutic recommendations far beyond the possible horizon of experience of an individual.

I work on the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning libraries, tools and methods to implement efficient and effective recommender systems for industrial use cases.

I chaired the 1st Workshop Industrial Applications of Artificial Intelligence (IAAI’17).